What's cooler than celebrities walking with coffee? Nothing. Because the simple act of a celebrity needing a cup of Joe to get them going reminds all us normal people that celebs are like us— sometimes they just need a jolt.

To wit, Rihanna ditched the entourage, security and her driver and hitched a cab— a cab, in Los Angeles!— to hit a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Santa Monica last night. She hardly looked her best— in fact, she appears a little... high— but she just needed it that bad.

And while yesterday it was revealed that she got testy with a journalist for asking too many Chris Brown questions, she was anything but nice to photographers who were stalking her last night. She reportedly greeted them happily, then posed for pictures with fans inside the coffee shop while she waited for her order. Then she even bought a painting from someone selling art on the street before getting back in the cab.

You've got to love this chick.

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