Remember Ping? Apple's failed attempt to build a social network within iTunes? You know, the one that didn't play well with... the Internet? Well forget about it. It's done. History. Kaput.

AllThingsD reports that Apple is planning to phase Ping out of the next version of iTunes, which should be released by the fall.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, since: A) No one ever used Ping. Like ever. And B) Apple has a brand new social media strategy in Facebook.

At WWDC on Monday, Scott Forstall announced that Facebook integration was not only headed to iOS and OS X Mountain Lion, but also iTunes and both of the App Stores. So if you see an artist, or song, or podcast, or music video or whatever in the iTunes Store that you like, soon you'll be able to hit a "like" button that connects back to Facebook— which, when you think about it, is really how things should have been in the first place.

[via AllThingsD]