The government has denied the existence of zombies, but with bath salts steady turning people into mindless savages, one city in Maine isn't leaving anything to chance. Last Thursday, the city of Bangor started prepping for the coming of the undead with an entire day of emergency response exercises.

Here's the scenario: Zombies from Jamaica have triggered an outbreak, which has made its way to Maine. Roughly 100 responders from eight different counties were then ordered to react to the emergency. Everyone who was "bitten" during the exercise had to put a sticker on their name tag designating them as infected. They were forced to either get a vaccine, or join the zombie team.

Locals played the flesh-eaters, and emergency responders were instructed to deal with mass casualties. It was a an excellent lesson in preparing for unexpected disasters; this zombie-drill can be applied to various avenues of life. In the event of an actual zombie takeover, Bangor is ready for war.

[via The Huffington Post]