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The new iPad aside, gadgets get thinner and thinner each year. That said, we didn't think we would ever seen a boombox with a profile thinner than magazine. But that's exactly what industrial designer Hannes Harms did with his latest project. 

Harms's goal was to "focus on the idea of the flatness of future electrical components. I wanted to reduce manufacturing processes as well as material and volume." Looking at the above photos, it seems as if the recent Royal College of Art, London graduate succeeded. 

The speaker is made out of a singular slab of stainless that measures 0.5mm thick. When folded the sheet holds the flat speaker component in place. Buttons for playback and volume are located in the base. 

It's a dope idea, but it can't sound as good as it looks, can it? 

[Core 77 via Ubergizmo