iOS 6 was one of the bigger reveals at Apple's WWDC event today, and the iPhone maker didn't disappoint. As expected, the new version of the software introduces an entirely new, built-from-the-ground-up Maps app that officially replaces Google Maps on iDevices. And just as Apple is breaking up with Google, it's forged a bold new partnership with Facebook— deeply integrating it not only into iOS, but also the App Store, iTunes and even OS X apps like Calendar.

iOS 6's new Maps app includes a host of new features including tun-by-turn navigation (finally!); 3D flyover view; real-time, crowd-sourced traffic data; Yelp integration and info pages for over 100 million businesses.

As for Facebook integration, the new OS allows users to share directly from native apps like Photos, Safari, Maps and Notification Center among others. Developers can use new APIs to bring Facebook into their own apps now, too.

Another big iOS 6 announcement today was Siri, who is getting an upgrade and finally heading to the iPad. The latest version of Siri will be able to provide information on sporting events and teams/players. It can also give movie listings as well as reviews via Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, Siri will now launch apps and send tweets for you. The new Siri will be compatible with the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPod Touch 4.

Lastly, Photos in iOS 6 are getting a little more social with "Shared Photo Streams." As previously rumored, Apple will enable you to share your photo albums with friends via the cloud. People you share with will then be able to view, "like" and comment on the photos.

[via Apple]