Guy Ritchie has just signed on to direct a potential franchise based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate story, Treasure Island, according to Deadline. The movie will be set up at Warner Bros. and is produced by Lionel WigramKevin McCormick, and Ritchie himself. Wigram is the man behind Ritchie's recent Sherlock Holmes series, and the site is claiming that Treasure Island is looking to be just as stylized as that franchise. 

With the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and the fact that Warner Bros. no longer has the Harry Potter series to fall back on, this property could be a wise move for a studio desperate for new tentpoles. We don't know if this move means that Ritchie won't be doing Sherlock Holmes 3, or if he'll be able to cram it all in. We'll keep you updated if anything else develops. 

[via Deadline