When Michael Isolda entered the clink for various drug offenses in 2011, he weighed 160 pounds. This is remarkable because just three years earlier, Isolda had chalked up a cool 460 pounds. Because of health issues relating to his weight he underwent gastric bypass surgery. However, the side effects of this surgery made life at Rikers Island difficult. To put it mildly.

See, when a person has undergone that procedure, they can no longer eat a sizable portion of food, especially at a fast rate. At Rikers, inmates have 4 minutes to eat their meals. Isolda claims he would vomit after each cram-session, a daily stress on his guts that, after a month, led to his stomach separating from his intestine. Isolda had to have emergency surgery as a result. Now he's asking the city to pay.

According to his attorney, Isolda currently looks like a concentration camp survivor. Strong language, to be sure.

[via Gothamist]