Address: 623 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn

Inspired by the poetry of Walt Witman, Ample Hills Creamery is a hidden gem in Prospect Heights. The friendly staff and classic interior decorating enhance what's already an incredible ice cream experience.

I inhaled the Bananamon and Sweet Cream n' Cookies this last visit. The Bananamon is made of organic bananas, Saigon cinnamon and vanilla wafers. It’s like eating a banana pudding, but in ice cream form. The cinnamon at times overpowers the banana, but mostly the sweet treat maintains its balance. The wafers offer a consistent crunch. The Sweet Cream n' Cookies tells no lies: It is sweet. If drugs were made from all-natural Back to Nature sandwich cream cookies, drugs would be like this flavor. Actually, if drugs were ice cream, Ample Hills would be moving the most weight. It's that good.

Other Notable Flavors: Stout n' Pretzels and Salted Crack Caramel.