37-year-old Joel Nuccio was arrested earlier this week in Flagstaff, Ariz., for allegedly hitting a woman in the head with a bottle of soy sauce. Coconino County police were phoned by the victim, and discovered a bloody Nuccio at the scene of the crime.

The woman said that Nuccio showed up at her home without warning and struck her with a full bottle of soy sauce. She then said that she grabbed a knife and at some point, Nuccio was sliced in the ankle, leaving a severe stab wound. She said she attempted to treat the wound, and even tried to drive him to a neighbor's home in her truck. That's when shit got twice as ratchet.

Nuccio allegedly busted the truck's back window with a large screw driver and attempted to stab her. When they finally arrived at the neighbor's home, Nuccio tried to attack the people helping him, but they were able to subdue him until authorities arrived. 

After being treated for his injuries, Nuccio was booked and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of misdemeanor assault and a count of disturbing the peace.

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[via CBS5]

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