After a string of box office clunkers nearly ruined his acting career, Ben Affleck decided to travel a different path in Hollywood by becoming a director. And after his first two movies, Gone Baby Gone and The Town, became critical and commercial hits, he went from being the butt of the joke to establishing himself as one of the better directors in the industry. And in his latest film, Argo, Affleck is both behind and in front of the camera as he directs and stars in the political thriller.

Based on a true story, Argo chronicles the real life attempt to rescue six Americans that escaped Iranian control during the Iran Hostage Crises. Hiding out in the home of the Canadian ambassador, it is only a matter of time before they are found and killed. To rescue the six civilians, the CIA hatches a bizarre plot to get them out of the country; a plot that involves a fake sci-fi movie shoot and a lot of good acting.

This is an entirely different arena for Affleck than his previous movies. This isn't a gritty mystery or crime story; instead, Argo looks to be a tense political thriller with some tongue-in-cheek humor thrown in for good measure. Basically, if Munich and Ocean's Eleven had a twisted love child, that would be Argo. And with a cast that includes Alan Arkin, John Goodman, and Bryan Cranston, Affleck has all of the tools at his disposal to make another solid, if not great, film. 

Argo hits theaters on October 12.