For the past few months, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has flown stealthily below the radar in comparison to the other summer blockbusters on the horizon, but now the movie finally shows its true colors in this latest red-band trailer. Where the other trailers tip-toed around violence and mayhem, this one fully unleashes hell as Abraham Lincoln slices, dices, and immolates hordes of vampires with the stone-cold gaze of a grizzled action movie veteran.

Like its title suggests, this movie is pure over-the-top madness as our 16th President takes it upon himself to be a one man vampire killing squad with lethal tenacity. Benjamin Walker looks spot-on as Honest Abe in these action scenes as he plays him with a somber, calculated edge that makes him seem more like Batman than a 19th century politician.

As director Timur Bekmambetov has proven in the past, he can seamlessly present eye-popping, and often inexplicable, fight scenes on the screen in a way that most auteurs can't even begin to emulate, so you can expect a lot of ass kicking and explosions in this one.

We'll see how well all of this comes together when Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits theaters on June 22.

[via IGN