Vivaca Fox has opted to date younger men for the last decade or so. "For me, Cougarism has been happening for the last five years, that younger guys have been attracted to me," she revealed in a 2009 interview with Essence. Since dating 50 Cent in 2003, Vivaca has made her penchant for younger men quite clear, and even credited Fif for showing her the light. "Yeah, that started it all," Fox admitted. "The one thing that I'm grateful for from the 50 Cent relationship is that it introduced me to a whole new generation." Since her fleeting romance with 50, Vivica dated around and eventually settling down with boyfriend Omar "Slimm" White. Despite being almost 20 years apart, the two got engaged in January 2011. The engagement didn't make it out of 2011, however, as they split that same year. Yup, Viv is back on the prowl.