Last week, one of Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter followers randomly mentioned to the former WWE champ that he should star in a DC Comics movie. According to Collider, Johnson then cryptically responded with this:

And if that tweet wasn’t enough, Bleeding Cool then posted the rumor that Johnson is being eyed to play Lobo in Brad Peyton’s upcoming adaptation of DC’s antisocial, intergalactic mercenary. This move would make sense because Peyton worked with Johnson on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and Johnson is probably one of the only decent actors in Hollywood with the physique and attitude worthy of pulling this role off.

Obviously none of this is even close to being official yet, but Johnson’s time in WWF/WWE has proven that he is capable of playing over-the-top loudmouths with bad attitudes, and Lobo is pretty much the surliest character in all of comics. The dude did kill Santa Claus after all.

[via Bleeding Cool, Collider]

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