iOS gamers who have been playing Rock Band Mobile may be in for rude awakening the next time they go to play their game. An image posted on Reddit today shows that the app has started sending notifications that the game will "no longer be playable" as of the end of this month.

The product listing for Rock Band Mobile, a 4.99 app on iTunes, doesn't include any sort of statement about the game having an expiration date or limited service.

In response to an inquery from Kotaku, Harmonix claims that have no idea why the game would have a shutoff date, because the game is hosted and published by EA Mobile. Harmonix says they're "reaching out to them [EA Mobile] to better understand what's happening with the app."

EA has removed iOS games from the app store when a newer version of the game is being released. In the case EA's Tetris app, players who bought the old version were forced to buy the new version Tetris at full price.

[Via Kotaku]