Peter Molyneux left his comfort zone at Lionhead and Microsoft for new indie studio 22 Cans, in order to make his next great project. Before they try to change the landscape, though, Mr. Molyneux and company need to get the creative juices flowing.

In a recent interview with Beefjack, Molyneux said that the studio is working on a series of "22 Experiments", a series of smaller digital releases that will push the envelope, paving the way for their "final product."

What's more, the first "experiment" may be right around the corner. Molyneux said the first game in the series could be released in as little as six weeks. Molyneux didn't reveal what platforms the games would be available for.

Molyneux described the experiments as "Very very different, unusual, I think very intriguing things." Then again, any game can sound that way when Peter Molyneux is the one describing it.

We'll keep you posted on 22 Cans' road to discovery as more information comes to light.

[From Beefjack via Joystiq]