With its IPO on the horizon, Facebook is constantly testing new methods to increase its bankroll. The latest one, dubbed "Highlight", would allow users to pay a fee to have their posts seen by a larger number of friends.

According to Facebook, only 12% of your friends see your status updates. The "Highlight" feature, which is being tested by a small number of users, significantly increases that number. Business and fan pages for celebrities aren't allowed to use the feature. It currently costs around $2 to highlight a post. 

This all sounds like an updated version of the classified ad, which is cool. You want to sell your bike or solicit donations for a marathon you're running for cancer, this would be the perfect way to get more eyeballs on your post. We just fear what will happen if this feature gets into the wrong hands; i.e. 90% of the Facebook population.

[via Tech Crunch