This brings a whole new meaning to "getting buns." 45-year-old Catherine Scalia of Long Island was arrested after offering sex acts to an undercover cop who had just purchased two of her hot dogs. Consider her hustle officially knocked.

According to Nassau County Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, her prices were "about $100 and then to further engage in an additional sex act—it was another $50." He also added "Now THAT'S some expensive relish!" with just a little too much excitement for our liking.

Apparently, Scalia would take customers back to her Far Rockaway home instead the RV to prevent obvious food-handling concerns. The arrest shouldn't be shocking, considering that neighbors say Scalia frequently smoked cigarettes outside in a "bra and bikini" and handed out business cards for a topless cleaning service.

Then there's the fact that she was arrested for the same crime eight years ago. She's obviously a seasoned veteran, but we hope she washes her hands and uses gloves.

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