As the trickle of information for Iron Man 3 slowly turns into a deluge, What Would Tyler Durden Do has just posted some interesting spy photos from the set of Marvel's latest superhero effort that point towards the true identity of one of the cast members. Photographed here is Eric Savin (played by James Badge Dale) sporting the red, white, and blue Iron Patriot armor from the comics. 

In the comics, Savin eventually turns into a cyborg menace named Coldblood, but here it looks like the studio is switching things up a little bit by giving him a new identity. It will be interesting to see if Savin's character is government sponsored, or if the stars and stripes on the armor are just for show. 

This development differs slightly from the comics where Norman Osborn, aka The Green Goblin, was the original Iron Patriot during the "Dark Reign" storyline. However, Osborn is a Spider-Man character, which means that his movie rights belong to Sony, not Marvel/Disney. 

What do you think about Iron Man's latest foe? Can he work alongside Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce, or is this one villain too many? Sound off below.

[via What Would Tyler Durden Do]