A whole bunch of new screenshots of Dead Space 3 confirm many of the recent rumors surrounding the game, including Issac Clarke's partner in crime and pseudo-human enemies.

Based the images, Issac Clarke's new friend is, in fact, Sergeant John Carver, a character  introduced by a recently released motion comic short. The video had made Carver the favorite to take the role of "Issac Clarke #2." (or "red", since their colored visors are the way you'll be telling them apart most of the time.)

One of the images also shows the pair squaring off with an enemy holding a gun. Upon closer examination, the foe does look pretty... necromorphy? Calling them human may be a stretch, but the larger point still stands: Dead Space 3 will see Issac Clarke's first firefight with armed opponents.

You can literally count the days until EA's E3 press conference on one hand at this point - It's on Monday, June 4th at 1pm Pacific - and at this point it's a foregone conclusion that Dead Space 3 will be there.

[Via All Games Beta]