Pre-ordering Activision and High Moon's next robots-in-disguise game just got a little more tempting, though you may have a difficult time deciding where to pre-order it. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is scheduled to hit shelves on August 28, but pre-ordering it now will nab you some tasty extras.

Gamestop is offering the G1 RETRO Pack, with a single-player and multiplayer skin that turns Optimus Prime into his 80s cartoon self, though we're not sure he's going to look so great in those acid-washed jeans anymore. The Retro Pack also comes with the G1-Inspired Megatron Gun and Shockwave Black Cannon weapons for use in single-player.

Amazon, meanwhile, has exclusive access to the G2 Bruticus skin for use in the single-player campaign. The character model is meant to resemble an old school line of Bruticus action figures.

So where will you be pre-ordering Fall of Cybertron?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.