Though George Zimmerman himself was absent from a Florida court today, his attorney Mark O'Mara entered a plea of not guilty to the second degree murder charge after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla. This move waived Zimmerman's right to a speedy trial, as O'Mara said he needed "additional time" to prepare for the trial.

Florida guarantees defendants a trial within 175 days of being charged, but O'Mara wants the racial tensions and media circus surrounding the case to settle. In the meantime, he and the lead prosecutors will begin the trial's discovery process.  

Zimmerman remains in hiding, though his location is monitored by an ankle device. His living expenses are being covered by the $200,000 raised by his first website, as well as the new account set up by O'Mara and monitored by a third party.

[via ABC News]

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