Last week, it was revealed that George Zimmerman's '90s-looking website launched to solicit legal funds had raised $200,000. It was shut down due to a court-imposed social media ban, but Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara promised that a new fund would be set up. O'Mara delivered as promised, so in addition to the new site George Zimmerman Legal Case, there's a Twitter account and Facebook page to go along with it.

The new website is far more polished. It was set up to "provide a voice for Mr. Zimmerman" and raise money. The donation portion of the site still has yet to be activated, but you better believe it's on the way. The site also promises not comment on Trayvon Martin, his family or his supporters.

There are plenty of blog posts to read, such as one titled "The Responsible Use of Social Media in a Legal Defense." Here's an excerpt: 

Our online presence was created in response to the enormity of interest which has inundated the firm since our first day of involvement. Literally hundreds of emails and phone calls came in within hours of our announcement regarding our representation of Mr. Zimmerman. It became readily apparent that an alternative forum was necessary to handle the high volume of interest we receive.

Social media is the obvious answer.

In a press release, O'Mara alleges that Zimmerman spent a portion of the $200K raised by the previous site, and that the rest of the money want given to him to control. Due to the professional appearance of the new site, do you think it will raise more money? 

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