Debuting in 1993 as part of Wildstorm ComicsStormwatch quickly became one of the hottest titles during the decade. Focusing on a team of U.N.-sponsored heroes, Stormwatch was at the forefront of the politically-charged comic book movement that swept through the '90s, thanks to the work of writer Warren Ellis. More recently, the team has been introduced into the traditional DC Universe as part of the company's "New 52" initiative.

Originally written by Paul Cornell, the legendary Peter Milligan took over the title last month and seamlessly kept the feel and tone of this somewhat ruthless black-ops team intact. His run continues in Stormwatch #10, and, courtesy of DC, we have some exclusive preview art to show you from this issue, which will hit stores on June 6. Check out the art and a synopsis for the book below. 

• Welcoming the art team of IGNACIO CALERO and SEAN PARSONS as a new epic begins!
• HARRY TANNER returns to take on STORMWATCH!
• More secrets of the team’s past are revealed!