Last week, we reported that Edgar Wright was teasing his long-rumored Ant-Man movie on his Twitter account. Of course this was nothing more than a cleverly designed plan on Wright’s part to get comic book fans talking. Well, it worked. Then earlier this week, Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, announced the studio’s upcoming slate of films, two of which he claimed are still under wraps. The general assumption was that one of those films would wind up being Ant-Man.

Well now we have even more proof that this project is closer than ever to becoming a reality after what Wright said in an email to /Film. About the film he said, “So as not to jinx things, I am going to remain spectacularly vague on this. Let’s just say I hope to shoot some Antman & World’s End this year.”

Well that seems pretty cut-and-dry, doesn’t it? There are still a ton of questions to be asked about the project, but we pretty much know for sure now that we will see it on the big screen sooner, rather than later. Now we can just sit back and wonder who will nab the role of Hank Pym, and whether or not the character will be in an Avengers sequel.

[via /Film]

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