Club Nintendo members have access to four new downloadable games this month, and while none can match January's Majora's Mask, at least one of these is bound to be worth your time.

Registering your Nintendo products with the Club earns you coins, which can be exchanged for physical rewards like collectible cards, posters and other schwag, or for downloadable games, which change every month.

May's offerings include 3D Classics Urban Champion, a remade NES fighting game, Art Style: PiCTOBiTS, a DSiWare puzzle game, Snowpack Park, a relaxing WiiWare game, and Eco Shooter: Plant 530, a short shooter with a message.

Our pick is easily PiCTOBiTS, which looks like the most engaging of the bunch. It's a mix of Tetris and…some other game that involves matching colors and shapes to create an image. Looks solid.

We're still waiting for the next great game to pop up for free, but for now we won't argue with these. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.