We reported earlier in the week that 20th Century Fox's sequel to X-Men: First Class might cause havoc with Jennifer Lawrence's work on a Hunger Games sequel, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the studios have struck a compromise which will have an X-Men sequel begin filming in January, avoiding any potential conflict. Lionsgate is planning an August start for the Hunger Games sequel, titled Catching Fire

But before Lionsgate can begin filming, it will need to decide what to do with Gary Ross, who still hasn't struck a deal with the studio to direct the sequel. This news about X-Men's start date should give the studio a bit more negotiating time with the director, but it will be hard for Lionsgate to justify not bringing him back after how successful The Hunger Games has been at the box office so far.

Unlike the problems between Lionsgate and Ross, X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is already a lock to return to the franchise, along with stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and, of course, Lawrence herself. It still isn't known whether or not the movie will continue being a prequel to the other X-Men movies or if it will branch off on its own. But the ending of First Class suggested that Vaughn's series will wind up as more of a reboot than originally suggested. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter]