A New Jersey-based actress really likes Tyler Perry movies. So much so, that's she's spent nearly $1,500 - her "last money for the year," according to 11Alive News - on a gigantic billboard two miles away from Perry's Atlanta, Georgia studios asking him for a leading role in one of his films.

"I hoped he would see it while he was driving to work, or on his way home from work, or that someone would see it," the actress, Racquel Bailey, said of the stunt. The billboard, as shown above, includes Bailey's photo and website address, as well as the text speaking directly to Perry.

We've yet to see if Bailey's purchase will sway Perry to give her a shot, but considering the amount of press she's attaining because of this - interviews with Fox 5 Atlanta and Essence Magazine, posts like this one, etc. - even if he doesn't, she'll probably end up with at least a reality show.

And we'd totally watch it.

[via Gawker]

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