Speedruns are nothing new in gaming, but sometimes it seems like they're getting more and more extreme every day. There's our list of the 10 best speedruns, for example. And then there's one of my personal favorites: Siglemic's 7-day Super Mario 64 world record attempt.

Now, a new glitch has reportedly been discovered in TLoZ: Ocarina of Time that allows you to skip from the end of the first dungeon inside the Deku Tree to the last boss battle at the very end of the game. We wonder what Zelda and Ganon must think about being rescued/confronted by some little kid they've never met before.

Is Ocarina of Time one of the glitchiest games ever made, or is it just so exploitable because people have been obsessing over it for 15 years? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.

[via reddit]