You know how you're supposed to turn off your cellphone for the entirety of a flight, and all electronics during takeoff and landing, but you never do it any way because screw the FAA and their rules? Well, one special pilot felt the same way. Operating a Jetstar flight arriving in Singapore, the pilot failed to activate the 220-passenger plane's landing gear in time because he was preoccupied by a text message.

The landing gear is supposed to come out while a plane is still a few thousand feet in the air, but the pilot's phone started buzzing with texts at an altitude of 2,000 feet. At around 720 feet from the ground, an alarm went off, notifying the pilot (and co-pilot) of his error. But by then, it was too late, so a mere 392 feet from the ground of the landing strip, the pilots were forced to take the plane back into the air. Mind you, the pilot had 13,000 hours of flying experience.

[via Gizmodo]