Though it's the general consensus in most places that texting while driving is dangerous and a sure-fire way, that doesn't seem to be the case in Sweden. According to a study released by the Swedish National Road and Transport Institute (VTI), making texting while driving against the law has no point, because banning it doesn't decrease the possibility of accidents.

According to VTI's statement, "It is our opinion that a combination of different countermeasures - which educate and inform the driver, while at the same time support him or her in a safe usage of communication devices - is preferable to a law against communication device usage while driving."

According to them, even if there was a law, people wouldn't follow it. At least they're honest.

Sweden is only of the only countries without a real law against cell phone usage while driving, along with Malta, Moldova, Serbia, and Albania.

[via Gawker]