Kids do the darndest things. Earlier this year a couple of Canadian teenagers figured out a way to send a LEGO man into space. Now, it seems other kids want to get in on the extraterrestrial exploration, as a group of students from La Canada high school sent a 3D GoPro camera attached to a high altitude weather balloon into space. It marked the first time 3D video was recorded from a high altitude weather balloon. The balloon straveled for an hour and fifty minutes and travelled a over 63 miles before crashing back to earth. 

To create enough depth for the 3D recording, the students attatched a ship from the anime series Star Blazers to the balloon. The result is an awesome 3D video (above) that can be viewed on any monitor as long as you have traditional red/blue 3D glasses (not the black joints you now get in movie theaters). 

Maybe the kids are alright after all. 

[via Ubergizmo]