An Upper West Side resident and composer, ominously known as, simply, Aaron, took a trip to Peru three years ago at the behest of a director-friend. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong! What ensued, dietarily at least, was nothing fun at all.

After tiring of subsisting on only yucca and fruit, Aaron and his compatriots hungered for something more substantial. It being the jungle and all, they would have to hunt for anything they wanted to eat. Boars populate the area but, as we know from Lost, boars are terrifying and deadly, so they ruled that out.

What flesh did they feast on then? Crocodile, which according to Aaron was the tastiest, as well as a Toucan-like-bird, turtle, armadillo, and a sloth. The sloth is the headline grabber here and rightfully so—it's the cutest of them all. Surprising no one, sloth is "absolutely disgusting."

[via Gothamist]