It took Apple a little while, but after shutting down numerous apps that attempted to turn one of the iPhone's buttons into a physical shutter button, it finally decided to make it so in iOS 5. The update makes it much easier to snap good pics. However, if you feel that's not enough for you to take glorious photos with your handset, the good people at The Photojojo have something that may help you out: the iPhone Shutter Grip.  

The Grip plugs into the 30-pin slot and wraps around the sides of your phone allowing you to hold it like you would a real stand-alone camera. It features two buttons, one for taking still photos and one for recording video. You can switch between both without having to fiddle with your phone. 

The only downside is it costs $40. But if you feel that's worth it for great photos, head to Photojojo

[via Like Cool]