007 Legends, the upcoming Bond game spanning six of the spy's most iconic movies, was only just announced. Already, though, the social media promotions are revving up for action.

Visiting the game's Facebook page and official site over the next six months will gain fans exclusive prizes, including a chance to be in the game, as well as clues about the game itself—like exactly which movies it'll cover.

The promotion that'll put one fan in the game (hopefully as a villain—fingers crossed!) begins May 1, so check back then to enter.

Which movies would you like to see included? As fans of Goldeneye's N64 multiplayer, we've always had soft spots for Live And Let Die (with Baron Samedai) and Moonraker (with Jaws). And let's not forget Oddjob's role in Goldfinger.

Let us know what your picks are in the comments or on Twitter.