The long-rumored PC port of the masochistic action RPG Dark Souls has finally been (all but) confirmed on the German cover of PC Gamer magazine. Gamingbolt reports that the new version will be called Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, and it'll reportedly feature some new bosses and other content to encourage those who played it on consoles to dive back in.

The graphics are also rumored to be better, and we'd hazard a guess that the frame rate issues experienced in certain areas will be alleviated as well. Naturally, it'll support gamepads as well—playing Dark Souls with a mouse and keyboard would be a real nightmare.

The site also reports that it's coming in August, though naturally we can't confirm any of this ourselves—we don't read German, and posting magazine scans is illegal in any case. But chances are Namco Bandai noticed the 92,000 signature petition that's been going around.

Is Prepare To Die what's waiting behind that annoying Facebook wall? We can't believe that thing is still standing. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.