Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director, Brad Peyton, has been hired by Warner Brothers to write and direct a movie based on the foul-mouthed, alien bounty hunter from DC Comics, Lobo, according to Deadline. A Lobo movie has been in development for years, and most recently Guy Ritchie was attached to direct. But after numerous delays, the studio has moved on from Ritchie and chose Peyton after Journey 2 became a surprising hit at the box office. 

Lobo was created by writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Griffen in 1983, but really became popular in the '90s when he was reintroduced to the DC Universe as a crass, anti-hero biker. Since then, he has gone on to star in numerous miniseries, ongoing series, and frequent guest spots in books like Justice League, Superman, and The Demon. His greatest achievement came in the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special from 1991 when he decapitated Santa Claus, stole his sleigh, and dropped nuclear warheads on the children of Earth. 

There are numerous hurdles that Warner Brothers will have to deal with in order to create the perfect Lobo movie. The studio needs to find the right actor to play the part, agree to a decent budget to pull off his outlandish world, and it would also have to make it rated R to truly do justice to the comics. But if it all comes together, Lobo could be the type of nasty, violent, and utterly insane comic book movie that we all need.

[via Deadline]