Creatives get ready: today Adobe announced launch details for the latest version of its popular Creative Suite software, CS6. The new battery of programs, including upgraded favorites like PhotoShop and InDesign as well as some all-new-entries, will be available from Adobe's website beginning May 7.

The pricing for CS6 is similar to that of CS5 ( Design Standard: $1,299; Master Collection: $2,599), and the upgraded software should justify its existence with tons of new features. Much has been made of Photoshop's new "Content aware move" feature, for instance, which allows you to move objects around in a photo while intelligently filling in the spaces they left behind.

With this version of Creative Suite, Adobe is also debuting a new way to access its software called Creative Cloud. The cloud version is subscription-based, granting users access to all of CS6, plus Lightroom 4, for a monthly fee of $49.99 ($29.99 for students).

With Creative Cloud, Adobe is reaching out to those who would otherwise balk at paying the hefty price tag to own Creative Suite, or who are working on a project with a set time frame. That's a smart idea in a world where apps are increasingly becoming commodified.

Learn more about CS6 and pre-order the software at Adobe's website.

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