Typos happen, but this is pretty bad.

After reporting that Philip Gilberti—the main suspect in his wife's fatal shooting—had died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound in the D.C. suburb of Kensington, Maryland, local ABC affiliate WJLA failed so miserably on Twitter. Instead of saying that Gilberti “shot and killed himself,” the tweet read: “Philip Gilberti shit and killed himself.”

Damn. Fat-fingering one key changed the story, and it also overshadowed the other typo. The word “suspect” erroneously appears twice before mentioning that Gilberti evacuated (no word on whether or not the latter actually happened).

WJLA corrected itself a minute later with another tweet, but it was too late—the damage had been done. Look at all of those retweets and favorites.

This isn’t the first time “shit” has happened on Twitter for a major outlet either. In November, Tim Craig of the Washington Post accidentally referenced “24 hours shits” in a way that Weezy might understand (last image).

Check “We Be Steady Mobbin’” for the reference.

[via BuzzFeed and DCist]

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