According to TMZ, Cirque Lodge - better known, perhaps, as the rehab facility that housed Lindsay Lohan for a time in 2007 - has a strict dress code policy for their patients, namely one that bans the exposure of one's midriff, and any "muscle shirts, sleeveless tops, ripped jeans, hats, sunglasses, and all clothing with obscene language."

Cirque Lodge is also the rehab facility that is now housing Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino for substance abuse

While we deign to think that flashing his abs to facility staff and other patients as he did to paparazzi and fans on the red carpet was ever an issue for him in rehab, we do feel kinda bad for the guy. Consider everything Mike has ever worn in any given episode of Jersey Shore. Now, reconsider the dress code. 

Exactly. Poor Sitch. He must feel like a child who's had their security blanket taken away or something. 

On the other hand, now he's really detoxing.

[via TMZ]