13. “But you go in pieces, asshole!”

Courtesy of: Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) in Dark Angel (a.k.a I Come In Peace, 1989)

Just when you thought the science fiction genre had exhausted every possible incarnation of space invaders, along came Dark Angel (better known as I Come In Peace).

Starring Dolph Lundgren, packing his post-Rocky IV momentum in 1989 with this and The Punisher, the flick is your average hero-with-a-gun-saves-the-day flick, only this time, the deadly serious protagonist goes up against alien drug dealers collectively known as “White boys.”

When it comes time to dispatch the intergalactic pushers’ boss, Lundgren hears the desperate plea of, “I come in peace!” And he responds in, really, the only possible way: “But you go in pieces, asshole.” Cue the supercharged machine gun that blows the villain into smithereens.

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