17. “How do you like ya ribs?”

Courtesy of: Sergeant Jericho “Action” Jackson (Carl Weathers) in Action Jackson (1988)

It’s rather absurd to think that Carl Weathers didn’t become a ubiquitous action movie star after 1988’s Action Jackson, a lively testosterone-laden affair that’s bulked up by Weathers’ chiseled, come-and-get-me physique and loaded with eye candy thanks to the timeless beauty of Vanity (where you at, girl?). Amongst the film’s many show-stopping moments, Action Jackson evades foes by driving a red sportscar through a hotel’s narrow hallways, a scene that’s totally implausible and fantastically enjoyable.

As for Weathers’ ability to sell the standard action film quotable, a prerequisite for anyone who fancies his or herself as a marquee ass-kicker, look no further than the glorious scene in which Mr. Action incinerates a bad guy with a bazooka after inquiring, “How do you like ya ribs?” Fire-grilled, perhaps?