WHERE: Exchange, Los Angeles
WHEN: Thursday March 22, 2012

Robert Glasper's stage lighting was ultra-moody, and the sounds were ultra-deep in L.A. last Thursday. The dude is also one of the most sought-after pianists on the planet right about now, and rightfully so. His new LP, Black Radio, is a masterpiece of cover songs and some originals, selfish-yet-giving musical embellishments, and a who's-who of guests. You also gotta understand that back there in the darkness, the room is at capacity. Over 1,500 tickets sold, and well worth it. Salute Art Don't Sleep, Mochilla, my manager Scott Barkham, and everyone involved in allowing me to be a part of such an incredible event. Bilal, King, Quantic, Robert Glasper, random guests—my only wish was that Jill Scott got up there and did her thing. But it was equally nice just to catch up with her. Awesome show, awesome night, and a very moody picture from behind the stage.