Like a girl you really like, the chances that the presence of HBO's Game of Thrones will grow tiring is near impossible. Still, she (we mean, the show) is lucky to have found such rabid devotion in us. If any other show inundated us with trailers and promos and photos this thoroughly, it might risk our boredom.

But not GOT. Sunday's season two premiere is rapidly approaching, and we've bore holes in Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) photos and grilled countless posters and trailers. Still, these six new clips, which show previously unseen footage (without background music or splicing) are a welcome addition.

Our plan? Watch two today, and one each day leading up to the premiere, parcelling out a crumb trail of anticipation leading up to the main event. Or you could watch them all at once, you glutton.

[via Winter Is Coming]