The point of a drug bust is generally to get drugs and dealers off the streets to better neighborhoods and cities, but residents of Ferriday, Louisiana say it's only making things worse for them.

"You have to realize, we don't have no jobs around here or nothing," town resident Derrick Brown told a local news station. "Every time we try to make a little something to get on our feet or try to feed our family they come kicking the doors in and knocking us back down again."

Residents of the small town day that the drug busts in their area - which have resulted in the arrests of 30 people selling everything from crack to cocaine to firearms - are only making it harder for them to sell drugs. Since this is generally the point of drug busts, we're going to assume this means they've been successful.

You can check out a video that includes interviews with residents of the town above.

[via Huffington Post]

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