The latest Humble Bundle, which lets you pay what you want for a pack of games and choose whether the money goes to the developers or to charity, features five titles you can play on Android phones, PC, Mac and Linux. Most notable is Canabalt, an iOS favorite that Android users have no doubt been salivating over for years.

Also included are rope-wrapping game Zen Bound 2, 3D gear puzzler Cogs, old school RPG Avadon, and for users who pay more than the average (currently hovering around $5), strategy side-scroller Swords & Soldiers. It's a solid bundle, for sure, and for $5 how can you go wrong?

Not to mention you get to donate it to Child's Play, the charity that buys video games for kids in hospitals. Hang on, we've got something in our eyes. It's tears.

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