A homeless woman from Connecticut has pleaded guilty to felony larceny and will likely be forced to serve jail time, along with being forced to pay restitution to the state. What was her crime? She sent her son to the wrong school district by lying about her address.

Yes - she is being accused of stealing kindergarten.

The woman, 33-year-old Tanya McDowell, was homeless when she enrolled her son in a school within the Norwalk, CT school district using her babysitter's address. She did this in hopes of giving him a better education, as that school district ranks higher than the one where she was supposed to send him in Bridgeport, CT. She was caught when school officials checked her last known address and found it to be in Bridgeport.

McDowell faces five years in prison and $6,200 in fines to the state of Connecticut. Sound off in the comments if you think this punishment is as ridiculous as we do.

[via AlterNet]