Legendary comic book artist and designer Jean Giraud, who often went by the pseudonym Moebius, died overnight at the age of 74 after a long illness, according to The Herald Sun. Moebius was perhaps best known for creating the Western anti-hero character Lieutenant Blueberry, and for his work at Marvel Comics on the Stan Lee scripted Silver Surfer: Parable. More recently, Giraud worked on Marvel's The Halo Graphic Novel.

Giraud's impact was long-reaching as he revolutionized comic books on foreign and American soil by shattering the conventional wisdom of composition and detail that was often featured in the medium. He created lush worlds with beautifully detailed double-page spreads that fans could look at countless times and still notice something new with every viewing. 

His career wasn't just shackled to comics either as Giraud also worked as a designer in the film industry on movies such as Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, The Fifth Element, and Tron. He helped design worlds, creatures, and characters that helped revolutionize the sci-fi genre during the '80s.

Be sure to check out our slideshow above that shows just the tip of the iceberg of what Moebius could do.

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