After surprising audiences with his super powered found-footage flick Chronicle, 27-year-old director Josh Trank is being considered to bring Marvel Comics' Venom to the big screen for Sony, according to 24 Frames. The website claims that Trank is currently in negotiations with the studio, but no other details were divulged yet.

The last time Venom was seen on the screen was in 2007's Spider-Man 3, where he was played by Topher Grace. But with Marc Webb's reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man coming this summer, don't expect Sony to bring Grace back for Venom. This will be a completely different take on the character, and it could even tie-into Webb's take on the Wall Crawler. 

If he accepts the job, Trank will be replacing Gary Ross (The Hunger Games), who was attached to Venom previously. It's not known whether or not this version of Venom would be a full-on villain like he was when he debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #299, or if he will be an anti-hero like he was in the mid-'90s. 

Trank was recently rumored to be involved with Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but he has since gone on record to deny those reports. We'll have more on this story when it becomes available.

[via 24 Frames