The first teaser image for Cartoon Network's latest CGI animated series, Beware the Batman, has been released, courtesy of Comic Book Resources. The series will take its cues from recent CGI series like Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Star Wars: The Clone Wars by bringing top-notch animation techniques to the small screen. 

The series won't follow the typical story of Batman as it will be replacing Robin with a gun-wielding Alfred Pennyworth and DC's resident samurai, Katana, as sidekicks of the Caped Crusader. The show will also feature a roster of more recent Batman villains, such as Grant Morrison creations Professor Pyg and the Circus of the Strange. Some obscure, older enemies, like Magpie and Anarky, will also be making their presences known throughout the show.

There is no set debut date for the show, but it will definitely hit screens later this year.
[via Comic Book Resources]

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