Thursday proved to be a big day in Kickstarter history. Two projects currently seeking contributions through the crowd-sourced funding website were able to bank more than $1 million dollars, breaking the previous record of $942,579.

The first project to break the $1 million barrier was the Elevation Dock, a gorgeous iPhone dock that allows users to easily dock and undock their phones even when they’re in a case. Casey Hopkins, the founder of ElevationLab, originally sought $75,000, but was able to shoot past $1 million with days to spare.

The second project was started by an independent video game studio called Double Fine. It turned to the Kickstarter community as a way to finance its next production. Less than 24 hours after making its page live, the L.A.-based company remarkably raised over $1 million.

Kickstarter, founded in 2008 by Charles Adler, Perry Chen, and Yancey Strickler, has had over 15,000 successfully funded projects.

[via LA Times]